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A Studio 15 party isn’t just for tiny chefs-in-the-making. Studio 15 – which you might know for its affiliation with the ever-tasty Le 15 Patisserie – offers cooking classes that can appeal to all kids. A private party can accommodate roughly 10 kids, preferably age 7+. Under the direction of a chef, kids will learn to cook either a savoury or baked dish. (We vote for savoury because the kids are allowed to eat it afterwards.) It’s a tad pricey – Studio 15 charges for the venue as well as for ingredients per person, which can add up – but it’s a great way for kids to be messy and creative in a clean and controlled environment. Note that snacks and/or meals can be served during the party, but must be brought in from outside. Bon appétit!



Shop 4, Rajgruha Co-op Society
B Wing, BM Marg
Elphinstone West
Mumbai 400013

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084 5404 6544


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