The Buzz Cut: Cardi B Makes An Announcement


Apr 14, 2018


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about all week.

Motherhood. Cardi B, who has been on-again, off-again with her pregnancy rumors, has finally revealed she is permanently on-again (for the next nine months, at least) with her pregnancy, while sporting a baby bump during a recent Saturday Night Live appearance. And congratulations to another new mama, Khloe Kardashian, who welcomed a baby girl this week. In a new documentary, activist/actress mom Angelina Jolie shares how Queen Elizabeth II helped her teach valuable environmental and life lessons to her kids. But not all women, sadly, are so lucky. This op-ed challenges the idea that race is a risk factor in maternal health, arguing that its racism that’s a problem. And it seems she’s right, given this article that exposes the US’s blaring differences in health care, bred from structural racism.

Lonely hearts. In a world that is incredibly well connected, more and more people are struggling with loneliness. It’s partly why elderly women in Japan are resorting to petty theft — to enter the questionable “haven” of prison life. Another interesting take on aging is comedian and actress Ali Wentworth’s experiences maturing in Hollywood. But it’s not only older women who struggle with isolation — here’s one woman’s narrative on the excruciating loneliness of new motherhood. On a happier note, we’re looking forward to this touching tale — the first Pixar short directed by a woman! — about a mother who finds her lonely, empty nest suddenly full.

Film and feminism. Speaking of film, the industry has never been known for its gender equality. So all props to Sri Reddy for standing her ground in India’s own #MeToo moment. If anyone else is feeling inspired, here are some ways to keep the ball rolling. And speaking of inspiration, it’s clear just how much actresses bring to the table in this an interesting piece chronicling how 50 iconic female film characters were described in the original screenplays.

Gender neutral parenting. Gender neutrality in parenting attitudes is the newest trend in parenting, and one that seems worthwhile. But how much is too much?  Read about the parents of ‘theybies’ — parents who choose not to acknowledge their child’s gender from the time the child is born. And in case you missed it, here’s out article on the results of Sweden’s gender neutral education. Finally, to see how far we’ve come, here’s an interesting look on the evolution of gender neutral baby names in the West.

Science, health and colonialism. Science is fundamental knowledge that rises above political and social influences — right? Not so right. Find out how colonialism affected the development of science and development in its time. And related news, homeopathic doctors in Maharashtra are being given an opportunity to study a year of allopathic medication, which in turn will allow them to prescribe certain allopathic medications. We have Thoughts, but we’ll let you form your own.



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