The Buzz Cut: Lessons from Michelle Obama’s Parents


Nov 18, 2017


The Buzz Cut, is our take on all the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we obsessed about over lunch.

Wisdom. Former US first lady and all-around classy gal Michelle Obama recalls lessons her parents taught her.

Tortured genius. This Rolling Stone profile of Tesla’s Elon Musk tries a bit too hard to make us like both Musk and the author. But if you’re interested in reading about the vaguely terrible childhood of a visionary, click through.

Did the world need this? One couple has invented a parenting-themed version of Cards Against Humanity. So parents can be reminded of their drudgery as parents on their one night out without the kids.

The world definitely needed this. This dad created a comic book series about a superhero with Down Syndrome for his son.

Dirty laundry. Kanye West is getting pulled into his father’s divorce, which is unfortunate. At least he has plenty of experience at being in the middle of family drama?

Mazel tov! Congrats to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, on the birth of his fourth child. And also good luck managing three kids under age one.

Royals, they’re just like us. A struggling single dad says Duchess Kate told him that Prince William struggled as a first-time father, too.

Genetically blessed. Good-looking person Liam Hemsworth posted a photo of his parents’ wedding day and our takeaway is: The hot Thor genes are strong in that family.

Three-parent baby. This couple and a good friend are all legal parents of the couple’s biological child.  More typical, two-parent families could learn something from the division of labour in this particular threesome.

For the soccer moms (and dads). Star footballer Abby Wambach, now that she’s a stepmom, has some interesting thoughts about parenting kids who are athletes.

Surprise goals. Never thought about Estonia much, but the maternity and paternity policies there are making us sit up and take notice. Check them out, and compare them to some of the other family-friendly front-runners (and laggards).

Scandale! Parents in the UK are up in arms about a Christmas-y Amazon ad that shows a father sneaking presents into a home, saying it has ruined Santa for their children.

What is all the snark for? Derision drips from this article on a trend among NYC parents to send kids to fully outdoor preschools where the focus is on play, not counting and reading. But we say it sounds like a pretty idyllic childhood — and one that may best set up kids to learn.

A farewell to youth. This essay on saying good-bye to a childhood home hit a nerve.

And in case you missed it. The Swaddle’s founder and fearless leader was in The Indian Express, talking about why it’s so difficult for parents to get screen time right.


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