The Buzz Cut: Pink’s Got Some Wise Words on Parenting


Dec 29, 2017


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about over lunch all week.

Parenting. Singer Pink talks about how parenting is ‘so hard’ and we all need to support each other. Wise words, lady!

Bedtime. If you need a little help tricking your kid into going to bed early on New Year’s Eve, Netflix has you covered. And check out Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne reading Christmas bedtime stories for CBeebies. The holiday may be over, but that’s a performance both parents and kids can enjoy.

Sex ed. The UK is preparing to rewrite its guidelines on sex education in schools, and is asking the public the exact question most parents grapple with: How much should sex ed cover? Actress Jenna Fischer might be able to offer a suggestion — her first paid acting role was in a sex education video about 20 years ago. Also here is another take: An argument that sex ed needs to include information on healthy relationships alongside anatomy and mechanics. Not a bad idea!

Fashion. Actress Drew Barrymore recreates her favorite childhood outfits, which is actually more fun than it sounds and has this writer thinking about a particular apple-printed dress from about 25 years ago that would now be in fashion again.

Childhood. Charlie Chaplin’s childhood home is up for sale, in case you are interested in living where the iconic silent film star came of age. Also, Princess Diana’s childhood home is undergoing a revamp, thanks to the writer behind Downton Abbey.  And inside Sir Isaac Newton’s childhood home, a hidden drawing by the genius has been discovered. Here’s a good question: If we had actually received that toy we always dreamed of owning in our childhood (like this ancient and creepy prehistoric doll just discovered?), how would our lives be different as adults?

Culture. This museum about childhood during war sounds fascinating and heartbreaking — and, unfortunately, perhaps more relevant than ever.

Marriage and divorce. India inches closer to an extreme law that would criminalize triple talaq. Amber Heard posted the statement from her divorce from Johnny Depp following an outcry over his casting in Fantastic Beasts. Georgina Chapman is set to receive $12 million in her divorce from Harvey Weinstein. Virat Kohli says his marriage to Anushka Sharm was ‘much more important’ than his missed series against Sri Lanka. Actress Molly Shannon is a little funny and a little profound on marriage and divorce in this interview. And here’s an interesting take from history: Women were getting married to each other long before gay marriage was a thing.

Pregnancy. Congrats to Eva Longoria, who is expecting. Fans are claiming model Kendal Jenner is pregnant along with two (or fewer?) of her sisters. Singer Taylor Swift bought a house for a pregnant homeless fan, which seems like a year’s worth of good deeds just in time. And finally, apparently it’s really difficult to tell when zoo animals are pregnant.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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