The Buzz Cut: Virat, Anushka Marry, Plus #MeToo Reaches Bollywood


Dec 15, 2017


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about over lunch all week.

Weddings (maybe). Another tired headline about ‘new innings’ after a cricketer gets married, but still: Congrats, Virushka, and good on you two crazy kids for doing it in privacy (and style). Speaking about marriage — apparently another actress and sportsman in the world are vaguely doing just that. And in case either couple needs advice, they can look to Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, who just celebrated 25 years of #celebcouplegoals together.

Stars. Kirsten Dunst is pregnant; congrats, lady! And mazel tov to John Stamos who is expecting his first child. Kim Kardashian talks about trying (and losing) a third pregnancy and the roller coaster of surrogacy. John Legend continues to win our hearts, this time by helping kids communicate with parents who have been incarcerated. Finally, Matt Damon has some sad family news that some copy editor enjoyed headlining far to much.

Business. These mini-profiles of Hollywood’s power-women and their daughters lack substance, but still feel refreshing — if only because the number of power-women behind the scenes in Hollywood is a pleasant surprise. (Only four, but that’s three more than we knew going into the article.) Interestingly, not all of the kids want to continue in the family business — a problem that China is having now on a large scale.

(D)advertising. Dads, get ready: Disney has just figured out fathers are ‘gatekeepers,’ too, and you’re the entertainment behemoth’s next target.

Politics. Would you take your kids to a political protest? Parents in the US are starting to do so in droves. But you know who probably wouldn’t? Vladimir Putin — because he is protective of his family’s privacy to the point the press doesn’t actually know who they are (also, because he’d be protesting… himself?). And, in what might be the grandest display of bipartisanship the country has seen in a while, the US’s current and past First Daughters (Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton) rallied in support of giving another former First Daughter, Malia Obama, a break. In other news, Malia Obama is old enough to be kissing and smoking. (#feelingourage) Finally, more and more reasons to elect women: They make life measurably better (more so than their male peers) for moms and families. Let’s start putting more ladies into public office, so moms like these refugees get the help they need.

Sports. Mary Kom talks about her 2020 hopes and calls for parents to let their daughters play sports so they can follow in her footsteps and the footsteps of the amazing young women who just took home seven medals at the AIBA Women’s Youth World Championships. At the same time, after a top finish at the Asia World Cup, India’s women’s field hockey team (as well as the men’s) is set to be included in the roster of the international Pro League.

Medicine. An excellent report on Alzheimer’s care in India and the burden it places on our families.

Art. What happens when museums make exhibits actually kid-friendly. Also, check out this fascinating photography exhibit documenting the 150-year evolution of the American family.

#metoo. The #metoo movement hasn’t slashed-and-burnt India’s film industries the way it did Hollywood — yet. Now, leading ladies are starting to speak up.

Family leave. Bless the comic artist Emma who, in a rare 2017 bright spot, gave us the pitch-perfect explanation of mental load. Now, she’s turned her pen on anyone who calls maternity leave a “holiday.” You might cry while you laugh, but that’s the point. And a ‘paternity harassment’ lawsuit, filed by a father against his firm, is stirring up national debate around parental leave in Japan.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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