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Jan 26, 2015


This is the part where we scour the web to find interesting, Swaddle-relevant pieces from around the world, and summarize them for easy reading.  Click on the links to read the full articles.

Dads Can Change the World, One Diaper at a Time

We’ve said it time and again, there’s nothing sweeter than a devoted dad. But studies have shown that fathers who contribute meaningfully to childcare can have an impact on their children’s and wives’ emotional and physical well-being, as well as their family’s income (as women are freer to generate income). The observations apply to wealthy and low-income families and in a variety of cultural milieus—so dads, no excuses!

The Tour of Babble

A researcher at the University of Rochester (USA) is putting head-mounted cameras on babies to record how their experiences impact their ability to learn language.

Get Married, Be Happy

A new study confirms what our grandparents have been telling us for decades: We’ll be happier if we get married and stay married. A new study, which included global data from the Gallup World Poll, found that people were happier after marriage than before, except in a very small number of geographic locations … including South Asia. We’ll be watching to see if anyone does a follow-up study to explain why the results were different here.

This Is How Scientists Fight

Forget YouTube. Watching nerds resolve their differences – through strongly-worded letters to their favorite scientific journals – is way more fun. A group of scientists wrote an article about pre-natal testing and its impact on the sex ratio in India. A group of Indian doctors took offense to some of the findings and wrote this. Things get even better when the authors respond.

Book Lovers, Unite!

You just might have the chance to win the war with these tomes. Book giant Barnes & Nobel’s blog recommends five books that will melt the cold, dusty heart of any avowed non-reader.

Geek-Chic History

Who hasn’t, in a moment of desperation, relied on the all-powerful combo of Ctrl+Alt+Delete? But this ubiquitous keyboard shortcut, now an entrenched part of pop culture, has a surprising history. Funnily enough, it too was created in a moment of frustration, back in the early days of coding at IBM.



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