Things We Love: Fizzy Goblet


Aug 28, 2015


We’ve all had the same thought: why can’t someone take [insert traditional Indian clothing/craft/handiwork] and reinterpret it for a more modern aesthetic?  If you’ve ever had this thought about the traditional leather jutti, then Fizzy Goblet, based in Noida, has read your mind.  Fizzy Goblet has reimagined the traditional jutti by upgrading the standard leather with metallics, florals, ikat print, brocade, and printed leather. The designers must have set out to eliminate the heel pain that usually accompanies the thin, flat soles of most juttis; the Fizzy Goblet sole is thick and padded, giving it the feel of a more traditional shoe.

Fizzy Goblet 1, Things We Love (sm)We particularly love the Silver Overlap (left), the Rajah Flats and the Ikat Bar styles. And there’s something kind of amazing about all the bridal designs; at least one member of The Swaddle Team can attest to the wisdom of wearing flats to one’s own wedding.

You can buy Fizzy Goblet shoes online; we haven’t found them in any stores yet. The site offers free shipping in India and cash on delivery, credit, debit and internet banking payment. You can also customize your order by emailing info@fizzygoblet.com (though that will delay the normal shipping time of 7 days).  And there is a men’s section, but we didn’t find it as compelling as the ladies’… yet.


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