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Mar 4, 2016


If there’s one thing The Swaddle team loves, it’s eating. Cooking, for us, is really just a means of arriving at the main event. Until we met Anjali Pathak, the chef behind Flavour Diaries, Mumbai’s latest culinary lessons for at-home cooks.

Here’s why we love it: Pathak, a highly accomplished chef who has trained under Jamie Oliver, is super practical. We exaggerate only a little when we say her practical tips are somewhat life-changing. (Her pesto sauce pointer? Leave out the pine nuts; they’re exorbitantly priced in India, and you don’t need ’em.) She also taught us how to properly cook mushrooms, so they don’t end up mushy. (The secret is to cook them on very high heat and sear them into submission. The heat seals in their moisture, so they keep their shape, taste better, and your sauce doesn’t become watery.)

Pathak taught us how to make three kinds of pasta from scratch (who knew it was so easy?), pesto, and a tomato mushroom cream sauce. If the menu sounds more home-y than gourmet, it is — but that’s why we love it. We came away feeling we could actually replicate this simple-food-with-finesse in our own kitchens.

On top of this, Pathak is warm personality with an infectious enthusiasm for her ingredients. She led us in a hands-on lesson in her sunlit kitchen, then faded into the background as we enjoyed our meal alone at restaurant-like tables afterward. Super for a night with friends or a date.

Learn more about Pathak’s lessons (she offers them for many different types of cuisine) and book at her website.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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