Things We Love: The Perfect Gifts for Kids with Uncommon Names


Sep 25, 2015


In case you haven’t noticed, we love children’s books. So what could delight us more than the myriad of stories for kids on our shelves? A book personalized for one, particular kid.

In The Little Boy Who Lost His Name (or The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name, if you’re ordering for a girl), a child wakes up one morning with no idea what his name is. He (or she) lost his name while he was asleep, and now he must find it. His quest introduces him to wondrous creatures kind enough to lend him letters from their names so that he can make his own. And by the end of the book, his adventures have lead him to find his name once more. Everyone goes to bed happy.

The power of personalized gifts is immense, particularly for kids with unusual names. (A female friend named Suman remembers the disappointment of only finding boy-themed holiday souvenirs with her name.) While they might grow to value their unique name as adults, for a kid, an unusual name can be troubling to navigate. Birthday gifts like The Little Boy (Girl) Who Lost His Name can be fun for all boys and girls — but they can be magical for those with uncommon names.

We spent more time than we’d like to admit playing around with the preview tool, using the names of our kids as well as favourite nieces and nephews to see what the book has to offer. We might have even typed in our own names. You can preview the entire book before ordering.

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The illustrations are delightful and the rhyming story, charming. It’s easy to see why Lost My Name has sold over half a million books worldwide since it began in 2012 (according to its website). At present, the publisher offers books in UK and US English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Here’s hoping they expand into some Indian languages as well.

The books can be ordered from the website lostmy.name. You type in your child’s name and gender, and the tale appears in its personalized format. For some letters, you can even select from a list of optional illustrations, to suit the book to you child even more: For E, for instance, you can choose from eagles, elephants and elks; seals or squids can show the letter S; and robots and rabbits are options that represent R.

We’re thinking this could be a game-changer when it comes to birthday gifts for kids under 5 ….



Written By The Swaddle Team


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