Things We Love: Obataimu Does It Again


Apr 5, 2016


We have to admit — and don’t judge us — Mumbai seems a little less exciting when the Obataimu team takes its annual hiatus. But after a successful stint in Paris last year, Noorie and the rest of the crew are back with a vengeance.

This season, there is a lot to get excited about. The best pieces are upgraded versions of previous seasons’ basics; those amazing jersey separates got a touch fancier, with silk drawstrings and a slimmer fit, so they really are all-purpose now. And the amazing weave work has gotten an upgrade, in the form of a great summer skirt that reveals just enough to say, “This is not your average peasant skirt.” And remember that amazing ribbing from previous seasons? Now, Obataimu has made it into the perfect square-necked crop top. And for anyone who is pregnant but staunchly insists on avoiding any dreaded maternity wear (ahem… guilty as charged), there is a gorgeous silk set that accommodates a belly without looking maternity wear-ish.

The color palette has expanded, and now, each style is linked to its own fabric book, so part of the shopping experience includes choosing your colors from a series of books. Is this what bespoke shopping feels like?

But perhaps the coolest part of our recent visit to the re-opened shop was everything else that makes this jewel box of a concept store so exciting. From hand-painted china with cheeky pornographic images, to the carefully curated book selection, to the vintage sunglasses — this season, the store is part museum, part library, and only part amazing clothing store.

Of course, by far our favorite item is the ultimate in gifting: the Adult Swaddle. With an opening to allow for holding the requisite cocktail and detailed wrapping instructions, this swaddle can perfectly ensconce any man, woman, or couple that needs to be lulled into an infant-like state of relaxation. Our only gripe is that the cocktail isn’t included.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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