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Aug 7, 2015


When we visited the Great Food Show held in February in Mumbai, we weren’t looking to stock our pickle collection. But we couldn’t resist stopping by Goosebumps Pickles’ table when we heard they stocked an olive and jalapeno variety.

Top to bottom: Carrots and Chillies, Chana Methi, Gol Keri

We tried (and purchased) many of Goosebumps’s pickles, and although the limited-edition Olive and Jalapeno is their specialty, we find ourselves going through jars of the Carrot and Chillies pickle in mere weeks. The crisp carrots and tangy masala elevate even the  most savoury of home-cooked meals every single time.

If you’re looking for more unusual pickle ingredients in the same vein as olives or jalapenos, try their delicious chana methi pickle. The combination of chickpeas, raw mango and spicy masala is certainly one you won’t find in supermarket aisles.

Goosebumps Pickles are made from fresh, local produce and come in varieties that are sweet, spicy, sour, and combinations thereof. They have 11 pickle varieties, and you can also create your own using ingredients such as lemon, ginger, green chillies, and karvanda, and more. Don’t forget to add sunlight and mother’s love to the ingredients. Seriously. They’ll remind you if you forget.

While Goosebumps Pickles excel in taste, we do wish they were more innovative with their packaging. We’d love to gift the pickles to our friends and spread the word, but the plastic jars that the pickles come in deter us from doing so.

Goosebumps Pickles are available to order through their website www.goosebumpspickles.com or by phone or email (+91 93216 96999 or info@goosebumpspickles.com). Contact them via phone or email with any questions, to0. They deliver all over India, and you have the option to pay by cash on delivery in all the major metros.

We placed an order on the phone several weeks ago and had the pickles delivered to us the next day. We called to tell them there was a small mix-up with the order, expecting the replacement pickle to be delivered to us in a few days, since it was a weekend. Instead, we received a personal visit from them later that evening to make a quick pickle-swap. Now that’s what we call good service!


Written By The Swaddle Team


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