Things We Love: Kids Clothes by Love The World Today


May 5, 2016


Kids clothes are a mess of cleverly marketed cartoon characters or superheroes, or they’re a disappointing mélange of frills, pink, and glitter. Or — and this is where it goes from annoying to bizarre — sometimes they look like (tacky) mini-adult clothes. (A low-cut top and leopard-print leggings? Really? She’s 4!)

Love The World TodaySo, when we chanced upon Love The World Today, the kids clothes were a breath of fresh air. Then, we read the brand’s story, and we were sold. The sisters behind the clothing line create clothes for kids up to age 6 using only natural fibres. The organic fabrics are hand-woven by artisans across the country and coloured with natural herbal dyes.

If, like us, you are not a fan of dressing your kids in certain colors only because of their genders, you will love the monochromatic collections, which always come in a gender-neutral colour theme. Though the blue-and-white inaugural collection is still our favorite, the most recent collection, in shades of ochre, provides some decidedly chic tie-dyed party dresses. There is absolutely no risk of your child looking like a sparkly cupcake.  There’s something refreshing about marrying Parisian style with local materials and craftsmanship; as far as we know, no one else is quite pulling this off with children’s clothing in India.

Sounds great? It is. But perfection comes at a price. These outfits are on the expensive side. But the brand seems to know it; they don’t like waste. You can give back your kids’ outgrown garments and the company will distribute them to children in need or recycle the fabric.

And if looking at all these gorgeous organic cotton baby clothes is making you a little envious, don’t despair: the label is making clothes for women, too. (Though no line for men, yet.) You can order via the website and pay online or upon delivery; shipping charges are additional. You’ll also find a list of brick-and-mortar stores that stock the merchandise in several Indian cities.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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