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Jun 5, 2015


TWG Tea has grand ambitions. It labels its wares as “the finest teas of the world,” and while we wouldn’t call it the king of all teas, it certainly has a royal richness.

There’s no dearth of options in choosing a flavor. TWG Tea has 42 varieties of tea bags, 15 varieties of iced tea bags, and more than 100 varieties of loose tea with fanciful names like Darjeeling Mist and Geisha Blossom. We sampled three flavors: Silver Moon, Chamomile, and the company’s signature 1837 Black.

TWG_Tea_logoOf the regular teas, Silver Moon is a green tea variety, while 1837 Black is a black tea. Both flavors have a subtle fragrance and strong taste of berries, which might not appeal to those who like their tea less fruity. But anyone who likes exotic teas with bold flavors will not be disappointed by the taste. This tea is flavorful enough that you won’t need to add any sweeteners. Considering the endless varieties to choose from, there’s likely to be a flavor suitable to every palate, fruity or otherwise.  The Chamomile tea bag is filled with bunches of actual dried chamomile blossoms – you may as well have picked them straight from the plant yourself.

The tea bags are made of 100% cotton and are hand-sewn, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re delicate; we were easily able to use a single tea bag for two big mugs without compromising on the tea’s flavor or strength.  Call us suckers for packaging, but there’s something about these elegant but simple bags that elevates the process of making (and drinking) this tea.

The company’s branding gives the impression that the Singapore-based TWG Tea has been sold for more than a century, but the year 1837, included in the logo, alludes to the year Singapore became a trading post for teas and spices. The brand was actually founded in 2008, but hey – it tastes like these guys have 200 years of experience making tea.

We especially love the beautifully packaged tea sets; they’d make a great gift for a tea enthusiast (or anyone who appreciates great quality food products).

You don’t have to travel far to get your hands on TWG. We ordered from their easy-to-use website, and the teas were delivered to us within a week. We’ve been enjoying them ever since!


Written By The Swaddle Team


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