Why ‘Love Jihad’ Is A Myth

Nov 13, 2022


Love jihad is trending on social media and in the news yet again, as a murder in Delhi is being turned into a misguided commentary on Hindu-Muslim unions and the dangers of ‘love jihad.’ In this short documentary, we explore how the ‘love jihad’ conspiracy has grown online, and the ways in which it impacts the lives of inter-faith couples, and Indian Muslim men.

‘Baited’ is a four-part docu series on how rapid datafication is amplifying social inequalities across India.


Journalist: Zeyad Masroor Khan

Cinematographer: Priyanka Verma

Assistant Cinematographer: Shahrukh Khan

Production Assistant: Tabish Sultan

Scriptwriter: Bhavna Kankaria

Editor, Colorist: Madurima Basu Roy

Motion Design: Mayankesh Ranjan

Background Score: Rajarshi Sanyal

Music Mixing : Shwetang Shankar

Sound Mixing: Sujan Sengupta

VO: Shrishti Malhotra

Visual Researcher: Chandrika Mairh

Executive Producer: Afza Shireen

Series Directors: Karla Bookman, Neha Shekhawat, Shrishti Malhotra


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