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For the Dino-Lover in All of Us

It’s not really your kid who loves fossils, is it? We get you. Check out this round-up of 2016’s coolest paleontology finds. Our favourite are the Homo erectus footprints in Kenya — evidence that cavemen partied just as hard as we do.

(Un)Spoken Rules for Inlaws

A ’round the world look at the way married people — mainly daughters-in-law — are bound by (un)spoken rules when interacting with parents-in-law. Can family ever really be family when you can’t express yourself freely?

The Future of Cooking is Here

If you’ve read our piece on ghar ka khana, you know our diets aren’t as healthy as we think. But is a talking pan the solution? OK, it doesn’t actually talk, but a pan that tracks food’s nutritional value in real time seems almost as fantastic (and cool).

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