Some Feminist Additions to the Proust Questionnaire


Jan 27, 2020


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If there were awards for excellent ways to kill time, upper-middle-class Victorians would win by quite a large margin. Of the many parlor games that existed, confession albums are my personal favorite because — I ask you — who doesn’t like some spicy historical slam book content? Can you believe Karl Marx wrote the word “bookworming” down? Or that Oscar Wilde had “inordinate self-esteem”?

These questionnaires were named after Marcel Proust, as the ‘Proust Questionnaire,’ mainly because his answers were pretty cool, in a posh, Victorian writer way. In keeping with the human fascination with ourselves and others, and our need to ascertain if people near us are giant jerks or pleasantly tolerable, we made some tongue-in-cheek feminist additions to the Proust Questionnaire. Ask a friend. Ask a lover. Ask the stranger in front of you in a Starbucks line. Anything you like, really.


Do you own any T-shirts, cups, or any other form of paraphernalia with words or phrases containing ‘feminist’ printed on them?

Do you believe the color pink should be canceled?

Which celebrity do you think is the most adept at branding themselves as a socially conscious feminist?

Are you an intersectional feminist, or is your feminism intersectional?

Who is the most famous canceled person whose work you still guiltily consume?

Was Valerie Solanas a hero, or was she a hero?

What’s your favorite misogynistic song lyric?

Have you at any point idolized or desperately tried to emulate any of the following: a) Tina Fey b) Sally Rooney c) Phoebe Waller-Bridge?

Name three things you’ve done that would definitely get you canceled on the Internet.

Who is your favorite woman in history who was burnt for heresy?

If you had a pass to violently strike one famous misogynist, who would it be?

Are you a Jo March or a Jane Eyre?

Have you at any point idolized or desperately tried to emulate any of the following: a) Susan Sontag b) Joan Didion c) Arundhati Roy?

What beauty standard do you publicly disavow, but secretly conform to?

Which is your favorite debut autobiography by a female comedian?

Should emotional labor be monetized?

Which old-school Disney princess would lead a revolt?

Which character in Greta Gerwig’s filmography do you identify with the most?

Which was the more superior scam for reparations – Hustlers or Ocean’s 8?

With which self-made female billionaire with a privileged background do you identify the most?


Written By Aditi Murti

Aditi Murti is a culture writer at The Swaddle. Previously, she worked as a freelance journalist focused on gender and cities. Find her on social media @aditimurti.


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