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TheSwaddleTV is Live!

Our YouTube channel, full of videos on how to approach some of those universal parenting quandries, is now live. As with everything we do, we’ve experienced it, researched it, asked some experts, and gotten you the best evidence-based solutions we can find.

A Weekend in the Life of a Nudist

If you’ve ever wondered about what it’s like to live and let live in your birthday suit, there’s a peak into nudist culture over at Racked, where a usually clothed writer tried out a weekend au naturale with a bunch of people who do it regularly.

Philosophy and Science in Kids’ Lit

A philosopher calls for more philosophy- and science-focused children’s stories, and highlights what’s preventing it: A lack of respect or incentives for writing for children (even though they are the most impressionable readers) and the fact that writing good kids’ lit is really difficult.

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