The Last Texts Indians Received From Their Spouses


Jun 11, 2018


Successful marriages are built on communication. And today, SMS and Whatsapp messages have opened new channels for communication between couples. Our readers gave us insight into their marital communication through a peek at the latest text or Whatsapp message they received from their spouses.

The messages were diverse and covered a vast number of topics. Messages varied from supportive (“Everything will be fine”) to flirtatious and complimentary (“Looking great”), while many spouses wrote about philosophy, politics, and household finances.

Some couples’ messages depicted a sense of understanding and appreciation. For example: “Nice😘😘” and “Do you want me to bring you some cold water?”


Eight respondents received messages that were variants of “Love you.” Interestingly, nearly half of those – 3 of the 8 recipients – were in arranged marriages, proving that romance was not just limited to love marriages.

A number of readers received photo or video as well as music messages from their partners. These included pictures of celebrations, of their children, spouses trying on outfits and most uniquely, one reader received a photo of a chameleon near their driveway.

But most messages were logistical. They were about a spouse leaving office or reaching home soon, while others were about making plans for family occasions, dining out, and watching films.  One male reader received a message to pick up more groceries on his way home from his spouse of 14 years; a woman was the recipient of a playful message, “Hi sweets. Just got back from the gym.” Another couple made breakfast dates nearly a decade into their marriage: “Breakfast together Sunday morning.”

One woman in a love marriage of three years reported receiving the following message: “I am ready to sponsor your trip. Please go ahead with one.” Another woman expressed her displeasure at having received “yet another instruction” from her husband.

And where some couples found solace with a simple messages like “Sorry,” unfortunately others reflected the end of a marriage, with one reader discussing divorce with her spouse, 3 years into their love marriage.

Some were hard to interpret either way. One woman received a sexist joke from her husband of 15 years. And another received the message “No, you don’t suck.”

But our favorite of the bunch: a woman who received a message that said, “Madam ur pick up is waiting down😉”.



Written By Angelina Shah

Angelina Shah is a staff writer with The Swaddle. In her previous life she was a copywriter in advertising. She has a penchant for reading, singing, travelling and being obsessed with superheroes.


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