Our ‘Bloody Lies’ Series Documents the Myths People Hear About Menstruation


Aug 13, 2022


Image Credit: Hitesh Sonar for The Swaddle

In Bloody Lies, we document cultural myths around menstruation and the falsehoods people hear about their reproductive and sexual health. Their stories capture social bias, prejudice, and the absurd lies society perpetuates to keep menstruation a shameful and isolating experience.

“Only talk to female friends about your period; as soon as you talk about it to your male friends, they are going to rape you.”

– Zoha

“During periods, the person emanates so much heat that spices and food become inedible.”

– Vidhi

“If a man touches period-stained clothes (or any other items), his life span will be shortened.”

– Monica

“Always wash your pad a little with water before dumping it, otherwise your brother will be burdened with loans.”

– Shagun

“Period blood makes land infertile.”

– A.R.

“Period blood is a different kind of blood that is gross and nasty.”

– Divya

“The body emits dark energy when on periods.”

– Vidya

“Period blood has fecal matter in it.”

– Rucha

“Girls have an option whether they want to have their period or not. Most girls just do it for fun.”

– Manushi

“If you touch someone with periods, you will also get periods.”

– Hashi

“If you scratch your body when you’re on your period, you’ll get stretch marks.”

– Elina

“Taking pain medication during periods will affect your ability to have kids.”

– Megha

“If you touch a plant [while on your period], it will die the next day.”

– Pavithra

“Showering too much during periods causes early death.”

– Sana

“Your boobs will become saggy if you don’t wear bras during periods.”

– Esha

“Showering too much during periods causes early death.”

– Sana

“If you have sex with a girl on her period, you can die.”

– Dharveen

“A woman on periods might attract snakes.”

– Amala


Written By The Swaddle Team


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