Sizzle This: Everyone Should Party Like Sophie Turner After Divorce


Sep 9, 2023


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In ‘Sizzle This,’ The Swaddle team adds to the noise around the pop culture moment of the week. 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are reportedly getting a divorce. It would have been sad, had it not been for Turner’s much publicized reaction to the news. Tabloids show her throwing back shots at a UK bar, accompanied with speculations about how she may have been an absent mother. Given that she’s a mother of two at 27, having married Jonas at 23, and is the subject of what appears to be a subtle smear campaign in order to make her lose the court of public favor, her seeming nonchalance just became the new aspiration for breakups. May we all be unbothered queens after marriages end. Still, some think divorces are still a sad thing, and that responding positively to her reaction to it is glorifying what should be somber news. Everyone has hot takes on whether we should congratulate or condole divorcees today. Here are ours. 

AS: I thought we had moved on from shaming women for partying, running mothers down for having jobs, and policing people for how they should react to their own divorce, but apparently not. And then there’s a father being applauded by some for doing the most basic task by looking after his own kids. Their divorce is none of our business. But this one seems to have turned into some kind of a vilification campaign. The overwhelming solidarity for Turner, however, is proof that few – if at all – will stand for it.

BG: Honestly, you do you girl.

RN: I think Sophie Turner just set the template for how to react to divorce. In fact, let’s all do the same thing we do during divorces as we do during weddings — I’m an advocate for the Big Divorce Industrial Complex. Make it happen. Free all women!

DD: Congratulations and celebrations indeed. Far too many women have lost their youth to marriage. Their marriage was impromptu and making unwise decisions like tying yourself to a much older man at 23 should be forgivable. Cheers Sophie.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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