Sizzle This: Is Shah Rukh the Last of the Stars?


Sep 2, 2023


Image Credit: Jawan (2023)

In ‘Sizzle This,’ The Swaddle team adds to the noise around the pop culture moment of the week. 

Jawan’s trailer release this week answered absolutely no questions about what exactly the film would be about, or even what kind of film it would be. But it didn’t matter, because in an age of declining stardom and highly anticipated yet lacklustre films, “Jawan” stands out. Why? Arguably, Shah Rukh Khan. Some argue his stardom is all that’s keeping public hype for Bollywood celebrity culture alive — in the process, fuelling the kind of hype well ahead of film releases that’s only seen with legendary movie stars. Others say the decline of the reign of stars could signal the beginning of a new era in independent cinema. Still others think stardom is merely changing, not ending. Everyone has hot takes about what “Jawan” means for cinema. Here are ours.

SM: Shah Rukh Khan is not the last of the stars, but definitely the best among them. Also, Shah Rukh interviews are the best interviews, period.

BG: SRK is always going to be relevant. Like it or not. And I’m here for it!

HS: Shah Rukh Khan is indeed a star in his own galaxy of charisma but the Bollywood cosmos is ever-expanding, and who knows, there might be a hidden gem out there just waiting to dazzle us with their acting chops and dance moves.

NT: SRK has always marketed himself as the “last of the stars,” thus making the audience and the fans crave his content and movies. I think SRK is also testing his fans to see if they love him in every way — which includes his face being changed by CGI, as well as him turning bald. And, to be honest, we still love him no matter what!

AP: There are some actors and directors far beyond changing trends of stardom, and most names on this cast (and crew) belong in that category. I’m excited for where Indian cinema is going, it’s certainly not a dreary future. 


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