Sizzle This: It’s the Weekend of ‘Made in Heaven’ Hot Takes


Aug 12, 2023


Image credit: Made in Heaven

In ‘Sizzle This,’ The Swaddle team adds to the noise around the pop culture moment of the week. 

There hasn’t been a show that’s elicited as many mixed reactions as Season 2 of ‘Made in Heaven’ — not for a while. Some feel it’s too preachy, others feel it’s not, and still others are just in it for the luxurious aesthetics. Is this an example of a show highlighting the deep ironies of high society, or another in the canon of art that glamorizes the very phenomenon it’s critiquing? Here’s The Swaddle team’s take on the series. 

SM: My only take is that Faiza and Adil give major Jaime-Cersei vibes, and frankly, I’m here for it. 

SA: Honestly I feel like season one was preachy too but it still worked for me. I feel season two is pretty similar. The aesthetic is compelling enough to make me binge watch it so I think most others are going to do the same. And why not? We’ve waited four years for this! Also Indian audiences honestly need an on the nose perspective to drive the point home. Season one created a lot of discourse in our circles about frankly really important topics and if season two does that too it’ll be a win in my head. 

DR: It’s preachy, and rightfully so. It’s entertaining, too, and god knows we’ve been missing mainstream masala content. As for the glamor, it helps to swallow the bitter pills of truth more easily — so I’m not complaining about that either, no. 

RN: This is a show that was made for Savarna audiences: the right amounts of self-awareness and progressiveness, but ultimately palatable and gorgeous to keep the overarching structures unchallenged. It’s hard to believe in the critique of elitism if Sabyasachi product placement takes over as part of the main cast.


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