What Beauty Is At 33


Aug 26, 2018


Skin Deep is a five-part series in which The Swaddle explores how women’s self-image, ideas about and efforts toward beauty change with age. Each month we will feature the responses of a woman from a different decade of life. This month we speak to Anamika Rawal, a 33-year-old marketing professional who lives in Mumbai. 

THE SWADDLE: Are you beautiful?

Anamika Rawal: I would like to think so, yes, and going by a few compliments paid to the years.

THE SWADDLE: Do you look your age?

AR: Well, I have been told I don’t look my age and I usually get gaping mouths when I tell them my age. The most common response when I ask what they think my age is, is around 26 to 27.

THE SWADDLE: What’s your favorite aspect of your physical appearance? Why?

AR: My smile. I think it expresses my emotions very well without me having to say much, and I have been told it’s my best feature.

THE SWADDLE: How much time per week do you spend on grooming and/or cosmetic/appearance?

AR: I think it would be around six hours a week.

THE SWADDLE: How do you feel if you don’t get to devote that time as usual?

AR: I am not as conscious of whether my lipstick is still on, or get upset if I can’t make it to my salon appointment and don’t reschedule it for a while. I think I am more confident about my appearance now than I have been in the past and appreciate the natural beauty a bit more now.

THE SWADDLE: Is part of your beauty routine inherited from a woman/en in your family? If yes, who and how has she influenced you?

AR: Well, I hail from a family with naturally beautiful women, whose beauty routine is nothing more than easing their face and occasionally applying cold cream in their faces, irrespective of the weather. My beauty routine is a result of teen acne, which forced me to care for my skin and spend a small fortune on dermatologist, laser treatments and numerous cosmetics.

THE SWADDLE: Was there a time in your life that you felt most beautiful? Or is it now?

AR: I think it would have to say in my late 20s to now, because my skin was never more clearer and the features never more defined. Also, I think I am the most confident about my appearance and style now, than I have ever been in the past.

THE SWADDLE: Outside of your appearance (clothes and make-up) what has the greatest influence on how you feel about your beauty?

AR: I think with age comes experience, and with experience — confidence. And because I feel beautiful, I think it reflects externally as well.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. As told to Angelina Shah.



Written By The Swaddle Team


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