The Buzz Cut: Claire Foy Gets a Royal Apology over Unequal Pay


Mar 24, 2018


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about all week.

Equality. Two weeks ago, producers of The Crown admitted to paying Claire Foy, the show’s lead actor, less than her on-screen hubby Matt Smith. Now, they’re finally apologizing for their royal faux pas (when it’s too late to show her the money). Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is facing backlash after announcing she’ll be running for Governor of New York. (We’re noticing male stars like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump didn’t get the same side eye for entering politics.) Same problems, bigger stage: All around the world, women are less likely to be promoted at the workplace. The reason? Women are promoted based on merit, while men, based on potential. Here’s some insight into the reason why men may not be helping women with these gender problems at work. But all hope is not lost: Here’s a handy guide on how to be an ally that you can print and casually leave on all your male colleagues’ desks.

Social Media. George Orwell may have been on to something when he predicted the end of personal privacy: Facebook is having a rough week, after reports that Cambridge Analytica accessed data of 50 million Facebook profiles — data that was later used by US President Donald Trump’s campaign to influence voters back in 2015. Speaking of influence, here’s a peek into the questionably glamorous life of an Instagram influencer.  Finally, what’s public and private blurs further as these young women suffering from cancer use YouTube to document their journey towards death and build a legacy that will survive them.

Climate Change. The week may have marked the beginning of the end of white rhinos, with the passing away of the last male white rhino in the world. (Though scientists are trying to save the species via IVF for the only two female white rhinos that remain.) In an unusual take, a woman discusses, in this searing essay, how facing her own mortality influenced how she faces the death of the planet. Finally, check out how changing climatic conditions might affect our temperaments so you can plan your allies for the apocalypse ahead of time.

Sex. Get ready for some shocking (if dated) news: Indians are apparently the most sexually satisfied — though it’s also unclear if we know what sex is. (Maybe that’s why we are also one of the unhappiest countries.) In other news, men are adjusting to the #MeToo era, by discussing the grey areas of sexual encounters. More like this, please.


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