The Buzz Cut: John Legend Makes Leggings Look Good


Jan 27, 2018


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about all week.

Killing it. John Legend, adorable crooner and the partner in #partnergoals, helps his pregnant wife, model Chrissy Teigen, pull on her leggings when her pregnant belly gets in the way. These two are the sweetest — in part because they’ve both been so upfront about the struggles as well as the joys of parenthood. As Legend has said of supporting Teigen through her post-partum depression, “It’s a struggle to be a good partner and help.” We’re guessing he’d say it’s just like leggings — one foot at a time.

Back on his pedestal. After teetering on his pedestal a bit following the defunding of a major climate change research initiative, Canadian Prime Minister and part-time knight in shining armor Justin Trudeau is back on top, calling for better parental leave and childcare policies in his speech at the World Economic Forum this week. We have notes on his ideas, but at least the issue is on the world stage.

Not pregnant: Margot Robbie. Mazel tov.

Relatable. Actresses Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Peretti had a moment on Twitter, celebrating the first night Peretti’s baby slept all the way through. (Oh yeah, and Peretti’s husband’s Oscar nom.) “This may be the most exciting relatable news I’ve heard all morning,” tweeted Kaling, who had a baby in December. Also relatable? This article on how mothers who live outside the mainstream idea of motherhood are finding each other and building community and support — just like moms here in India.

All in the family. Katrina Kaif is supposedly helping sister Isabelle nab a role away from The Birthday Song‘s Nora Fatehi. Who knows if this is true, but we’re confused anyway — is nepotism okay again?

#MeToo update. Ekta Kapoor is the latest woman in Bollywood to say #MeToo: “Yes, it did happen and it was very shocking. People have crossed the line with me,” the producer said.  And Shenaz Treasury, last seen in Kaalakandi, says, “Yes, there are many Harvey’s around here [in Bollywood]. And I hope we can start taking names soon.” We can’t help hoping so, too. While no one should feel obligated to publicly accuse their harasser or predator, we can’t help feeling like nothing will change in Bollywood until the name dropping begins.

Kardashians — they really are like us. Kylie Jenner is excited, but nervous, to be a mother.  (We’re guessing some of the images from photographer Camille Sanson’s series on the emotions of new motherhood might resonate.) Meanwhile, sister Kim obviously did not get our note and named her baby daughter Chicago West. Kim, whose baby was born via surrogate last week, is undoubtedly following France’s national debate on bioethics, including surrogacy policies, as are we.

Kardashians — they really aren’t like us. Tyga is requesting a paternity test for Kylie’s baby, and the family wants OJ Simpson, former football star and ex-convict, to take a paternity test to prove he’s not Khloe’s real father. (We’re exhausted.) Just feed everyone brussels sprouts, and whoever spits them out wins Father of the Year.


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