The Buzz Cut: The Duchess of Cambridge Sets An Impossibly High Bar


Apr 28, 2018


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about all week.

Pregnancy (or not). All hail the birth of royal baby number three for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was a moment of wonder — mainly about how Kate left the hospital walking in heels and looking perfect only hours after childbirth. Amy Joyce does well at the all-important job of explaining how this is not the norm. And congrats to Rachel Weisz, who just announced she is pregnant with her first child with Daniel Craig in a New York Times interview in which she also speaks thoughtfully on the way parent-child relationships have typically been portrayed in film. Elsewhere, one woman takes readers through the lessons she learned in the process of freezing her eggs in case she wants a child later. And here’s another woman’s poignant story of having to abort a much-wanted pregnancy at seven months. She is evidence, as is this article, that women can choose to have an abortion without suffering from mental health problems afterward.

Beauty. I Feel Pretty, comedian Amy Schumer’s movie about positive body image and self-love may have fallen short of the mark; critics have said the film hinges on the same old beauty norms rather than disrupts them. But this piece on the great con of the skincare industry blows the case wide open, concluding that our skin has been perfected by eons of evolution; maybe it’s time we gave it some credit. Speaking of skin: Society’s value for fair skin is leaving women of color vulnerable to harmful chemicals in beauty products. And if that’s not enough, these plastic surgery game apps drill home impossible standards of beauty while kids are still young. In the end, though, we’re products of our environment, and you know you’ve been wondering: This is who does Amal Clooney’s hair — and they’ll be doing Meghan Markle’s hair, also, on the upcoming big day.

Relationships. They say love and romance is a matter of heart over mind — but mind is actually a big part of it. And here’s a look at what makes a marriage different from a relationship — and an argument against a defined, state-regulated institution.

Art & Design. Art evolves, and, in the current climate, begs the question: Should male artists paint female nudes anymore? People are now questioning their intentions. One artist that shouldn’t quit? This groundbreaking woman who created Macs’ original desktop icons that are still in use today.

Gender Roles. Former CBS anchor and accused sexual harasser Charlie Rose might be getting a second chance as the host of a show in which he’d interview other men caught in #MeToo scandals. Media mogul Tina Brown, who was approached to produce the show, said it best: Pass. At the extreme end of the spectrum, here’s a primer in an online community of men know as ‘incel’ (involuntarily celibate) who spread misogyny and dabble in violence. But at least female medics in Japan, who had entered the man-only Sumo wrestling ring after an official collapsed without warning, are receiving an apology for being ordered out of the ring even as they were trying to save the man’s life? #glasshalffull

Brains. What happens when seeing is no longer believing? With advanced technology, doctoring images and videos has become a fairly easy feat. And these fake videos can be so psychologically powerful as to rewrite memories.Speaking of confused minds, here’s an examination of whether a wandering mind can make you neurotic.

Health. In England’s poorest town, this school is managing to feed its children meals that are healthy and wholesome, proving healthy food is for everyone. Bravo! But closer to home — and more concerning — these infectious diseases don’t recognize a socioeconomic divide either.


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