The Buzz Cut: And the Oscar for Calling Out Sexism Goes To…


Mar 10, 2018


In The Buzz Cut, we give our take on all of the intellectual and Internet-famous, celebrity and bizarre, buzzy and overlooked family and parenting news we gossiped about all week.

Sexism. The 2018 Academy Awards continued the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, as actors called out sexism right and left. Best Actress Winner Frances McDormand gave a “rousing speech” in which she paid tribute to every female nominee present, by asking them to stand for applause. Emma Stone pulled a Natalie Portman. And other stars let their actions speak louder than words: Red carpet host Ryan Seacrest, accused of sexual harassment, was rather lonely during the pre-show. Elsewhere, the ripples from the film industry’s ugly struggles continue to spread and make waves: check out these examinations of gender discrimination and harassment in the tech industry and advertising industry.

Reproduction. Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel Weber welcome twins, born via surrogacy, into their family this week — congrats, lady! Speaking of surrogacy, Thailand is left perturbed and its courts, questioning ‘why?’, after one man uses surrogacy to father more than two dozen babies. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to date while also trying to get pregnant through IVF (and even if you haven’t, until now), this piece is for you.

Marriage. After two years of wedded bliss, Usher and his wife have separated. Here’s hoping they both find happiness and the rest of us find Usher. In other news, apparently marrying your cousin isn’t genetically egregious — as long as all of your forebears have been marrying outside the family before you two came along. On a serious note however: This first-person account of sexual assault in marriage is rage-inducing and yet so important to read. Thanks to the author, Anonymous, for sharing.

Pregnancy. As more women delay pregnancy, the image of the state itself is getting a make-over: Check out this photo essay of what pregnancy looks like at 40. It inspires us — as does this personal account of changing careers mid-pregnancy, a move most women wouldn’t consider making, but maybe could. And in case you missed it on The Swaddle: The WHO has just issued women-friendlier guidelines intended to make labor and delivery more respectful and pleasant. Here’s hoping they help women everywhere, but particularly in Nepal, which is facing a rising rate of suicide among pregnant women.


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