The Fictional Objects That Can Make the World Better


May 17, 2023


Image Credits: Hitesh Sonar For The Swaddle

We invented fictional objects that would make our everyday lives easier — then, The Swaddle’s Hitesh Sonar showed us what they would look like.

“My wheelchair constrains me a lot. This is why I would often dream about traveling the world using an anti-gravity wheelchair. I would love to fly over the mountains, explore the deserts, and soar through the Western Ghats on my wheelchair.”⁠

“The worst panic attacks have made me feel like I’ve lost control completely, like I’m getting a heart attack, and life is about to end. The soothing techniques are all at the back of my head, but so difficult to apply. In that moment, I’d kill for The Hand from The Addams Family to come into my real life in a new avatar – as a soothing hand that reassures me and helps calm my nerves, so I know I’m safe.”⁠

“Being a woman makes several spaces and times of days unsafe for me and it sucks.
I have a backless lavender dress which I really love. I don’t find it provocative in any way but I’m sure that it can be perceived as that by many people. So, sometimes, I just want to hide myself with an invisibility spray and go out at night in my favorite dress. I’d play with the dogs in my locality, climb a tree, run around, and just exist freely. That would be a dream come true.”

“Social media scrolling is a problem I want to be rid of with passion. Hence the hand swatter. I often find myself brainlessly consuming content for hours at an end, which could be better occupied in many different ways. This hand swatter will help me get there, I just know it.”⁠

“It all started with ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers and kittens.’ The visceral visuals of this song that served to comfort frightened children hit a chord, when I first saw the movie. Ever since then, I try to imagine a safe space with all my favorite things and people when things go awry, which I can escape to briefly to get a handle on my anxiety.”

“People can be marvelous and lovely but, let’s face it, also, awful and horrid. I happen to have a propensity of always welcoming people who fall in the latter category with open arms and I’m tired! Naturally then, if there’s a device that can signal a person’s overall rank on the good vs bad person meter, I’d be the first in line to buy.”

“Sometimes I feel super paranoid about people following me on the road. And a really funny (and super effective) way to get rid of people actually following me would be taser shoes. Just tase everyone who creeps me out by trying to follow me.”

“I get pretty agitated when people are verbally aggressive. And we’ve all been in situations where we’re neither the angry ones nor the ones at the receiving end of anger, but really wish there was a way to stop it. And that’s where this mega violin comes into the picture – self-activating to play a calming tune any time it senses aggression in the air.”


Written By The Swaddle Team


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