TMI: People Tell Us What They Love About Period Sex


May 20, 2023


Image Credit:Denise D'souza for The Swaddle

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Sexual awareness may be growing, but sex talk still remains a taboo for many. Add to that the stigma around menstruation, and the idea of period sex becomes fertile ground for myths and misconceptions. Period sex breeds hesitations and uncertainties – from being uneasy about the mess it could create to the thought of one’s partner being turned off at the sight of blood. But as many reports point out, sexual pleasure doesn’t need to be governed by one’s menstrual cycle. We asked people what they learned about period sex after trying it. Here’s what they said:

It’s natural lube

“I get really bad period cramps so I expected period sex to be painful too, thinking it will just add to the discomfort. But it actually feels so good. And it’s so much more lubricated than normal so anything goes in and out easily.”

“Actually makes period cramps feel a bit better.” 

“Don’t need lube.”

It’s not a bloody mess

“You barely bleed during the act and the penis will not get bloody.”

“It’s not as dirty as the imagination… it’s super smooth on those days.”

“Period blood takes time to collect from the tissue inside and trickle, washing gets you 30 minutes.”

“As the menstruating partner I realized it was not as messy as I always feared it to be.”

“I usually have a very heavy flow which goes on for at least seven days. But period sex reduces my flow and my period also gets over earlier than normal.”

It gets the mood going

“I usually feel low right before my period begins. Period sex acts as a definite mood booster. Helps me feel not as low as I would otherwise.”

“Orgasms = feel good hormones plus less cramps so win-win.”

“My libido surges through the roof during my periods so it intensifies the experience for me.”

It busts stigma

“The opposite partner is more accepting of the situation than the one with periods.”

“I prefer masturbation during periods over sex.”

“That period is not impurity.”


Written By The Swaddle Team


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