Admit it: You think parenting is boring.

No, we don’t mean those delightful rugrats who have given hilarity and meaning to your life. We’re talking about the endless loop of advice, books, pamphlets, gurus, seminars, websites and superstitions that suck up your time and tell you How To Parent.

We get it. We don’t pay attention to that stuff either.

It’s real life, and you’re responsible for another person’s health, well-being, and intellectual stimulation. You have to deal with his tantrum at the grocery store, her obsession with her smartphone, his struggles with depression, or her confusion about her sexuality. You have a lot to think about.

So, we’ll at least make the thinking interesting for you. No glorification of an experience that can be just as maddening and frustrating as it is uplifting. No pretending that raising kids isn’t equally about losing yourself and finding new parts of you. And admitting that we all need some practical help – without wading through purple prose on the joys of parenthood.

We give you the information you need and want, with thorough research and a commitment to quality discourse. We break down decades-old myths that aren’t making your life easier, and we unpack the latest studies as they apply to the day-to-day grind. And we bring you real-life stories from people we admire, men and women who bring wit and candour to this ubiquitous-but-unique experience.

The Swaddle is definitely not your parents’ parenting guide. 

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