About Us

There are a few experiences in life that nothing can quite prepare you for. Having kids is one of them. Kids upend everything, in beautiful ways and exasperating ways, but mostly in ways that are unexpected and confusing — we’re here for those.

But we’re here for a whole lot more, too.

The Site

We’ve spent years researching and chatting up every expert we can find to get parents the basic facts, cutting-edge research, best practices, and little-known secrets. We cover all the things you need to know, the things you wanted to know but were too scared or embarrassed to ask, and even some stuff you never wanted to know (but probably need to know anyway). And we filter out all the noise so you only spend your time on vetted, high-quality information.

We care about giving you something of value, something smart, something you can reference (or laugh at) when you need it. No clickbait, no sugar-coating, no fake news.

The Videos

Because sometimes you don’t even have time to read an article, we have a YouTube channel. Same great info, arguably more entertaining medium. Pick your poison.

The Workshops

Because life isn’t (all) virtual, and sometimes, you want a face-to-face conversation to help you work through real challenges. We’ve developed more than 20 interactive workshops, on topics ranging from post-baby reentry into the workforce, to strategies for parents dealing with each stage of childhood, to managing the workplace and relationship trade-offs of parenthood. All our sessions have been created in collaboration with experts in each field.

To inquire about having our team visit yours for a workshop, please email us at contact@theswaddle.com.

The Events

We don’t shy away from a lively debate, and sometimes, you have the best conversations when you get a bunch of smart people in the same room. These are some of the events we’ve hosted and curated:

The Campaigns

Because we’re passionate people who can’t sit still. These are the issues about which we care deeply, and seek to spread awareness so others can make informed choices and live healthier, happier lives. For information that you can use and share, check out these campaign pages:

And to keep track of what we’re doing in real time, you can, of course, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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