Doctor Diary, Day 5: “It’s the First Day of Quarantine. I Kept My Promise of Minimal Covid19 Talk.”


Jun 2, 2020


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A 28-year-old anesthetist working in the Covid19 I.C.U ward of a private Mumbai hospital, currently run by the BMC, shares the ups and downs of her days on the frontlines fighting the Covid19 pandemic. This is the fifth installment of a daily diary she shares with The Swaddle.

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Afternoon: Keeping busy It’s the first day of quarantine. I woke up at noon, lazed around and had lunch with some of my juniors. It lasted two hours. I do talk to people usually, even when I’m working. But doing it casually in a low-pressure environment is generally more enjoyable.

Evening: Working out I called my family like I do every day, then went on a walk by a lake that we have access to. Then I came back and did a short workout in my room. I usually make it a point to do some minimal yoga if I can. Today, it was more to just pass time than anything else.

Night: Getting bored I had company throughout the day, so that kept me occupied. But I think I got bored. I kept my promise of minimal Covid19 talk. It’s difficult to zone out completely. But it’s not too bad. I am making a conscious effort to do it. I did check in on my friend’s grandpa that I was trying to arrange a bed for. He is not doing too well.

I’m just hoping the cyclone doesn’t turn Mumbai into a complete disaster zone. I have no idea how hospitals would cope. Even non-Covid19 facilities are suffering. I smell doomsday.

Today, I had to have a heavy meal because I took my hydroxychloroquine dose today and it needs a big meal, or you end up with an upset stomach. Then, I casually browsed Instagram and got back to watching The Crown. I can’t not finish it.

Just now, I found out two of my long-term patients died. I saw it on the group that I had muted. It’s okay, I will watch this and zone out again. It is okay. We did what we could. We will do better. But for five days, I am a binge-watcher.

I’ll maybe read a little before bed. Unless someone comes in for a chat, virtual or otherwise. And it is always welcome.

As told to Rajvi Desai.

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