Sizzle This: Big Day For Brown Munde


Aug 19, 2023


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In ‘Sizzle This,’ The Swaddle team adds to the noise around the pop culture moment of the week.

A new docu series tracks the meteoric rise of AP Dhillon, the Punjabi artist who rose to superstardom very quickly. AP Dhillon himself is one of the producers of the show, in which he gets to tell the world his success story. But is this another instance of a documentary blurring the lines between subjects and makers? Regardless, it is a big day for everyone (read: wealthy NRI/Delhi bros) who spiritually identified with the track that pushed Dhillon up the charts. Here are The Swaddle team’s hot takes on the new series.

 AP: Not sure if I’ll be watching this to be inspired (ha!) or as a spectacle of Delhi bro-ness, but ‘Dil Nu’ is gonna be stuck in my head again for sure.

BG: This just seems to me like he’s making excuses to self-promote in the form of a documentary.

SM: Should this genre of OTT documentaries even be called documentaries? 

RN: AP Dhillon should get to memorialize his contribution to the rich Delhi boys community and we should support that.

HS: AP Dhillon’s life is like a playlist on shuffle mode — you never know what he’s going to conquer next! From music charts to docuseries, he’s got us all dancing to his tune.

VS: This docu honestly feels like prep work for the upcoming Honey Singh one. I don’t know which one gives me more second hand embarrassment though.


Written By The Swaddle Team


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