The Buzz Cut: Actor Realizes Dream of Being Despotic in Unlikely Casting


Jul 16, 2022


Image Credit: Manikarnika Films

In The Buzz Cut, we bring you a round-up of news you wish wasn’t news.

Actor Realizes Dream of Being Despotic in Unlikely Casting

A woman known for her penchant for admiring dictatorship has bagged a role that allows her to be one herself — but with a twist. She is set to play a historical prime minister whose undemocratic tendencies this actor may take pleasure in emulating, taking away the “fun” from fundamental rights. The actor hopes to steal the show with this role, alongside the “act” from acting — as she no longer needs to pretend to have authoritarian tendencies. For someone who railed against the political party to which this figure belonged, she is certainly indebted to their unsavory history of undermining democracy for the role of a lifetime.


Man Publicly Compares Sex Appeal of Women Half His Age Moments After Dismissing Their Anxiety About ‘Shelf-Life’

In a chat show, a director known for making and breaking careers in Bollywood for breakfast showed a progressive side to himself when he soothed the anxieties of his young guests about there being no such thing as a “shelf-life” for female actors today. Cut to a few moments later, the man began to dissect the sex appeal of one of the women, half his age, against the other — a progression of events that truly showed his range, if nothing else. Indeed, it may not be as contradictory as it seems — since dissecting women’s physical appearances on national TV certainly has no shelf life. The moment itself will go down in history as one that is ageless — even if everyone involved in it, isn’t.


‘Didn’t Want Bunch of White People in Show,’ Say White Showrunners

A spin-off of an enormously popular TV show is set to release, and its showrunners have declared their commitment to diversity by saying they didn’t just want another bunch of white people. As people with the most creative control over the franchise, the two white men have truly paved the path for representation in television and entertainment by verbally stating how they, as the people still in charge, would like to change things for the better.


Written By Rohitha Naraharisetty

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