The Buzz Cut: Men’s Rights Activists Call For Boycott of Movie That Deprives Men of Their Right to Be Violent


Aug 6, 2022


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Men’s Rights Activists Call For Boycott of Movie That Deprives Men of Their Right to Be Violent

Halt the turning of the globe: men are upset. This time, it’s over a film that portrays a woman’s revenge against domestic violence, which was intolerable to men who felt that it was actually about domestic violence against men. In calling for the boycott of a film every once in a while, passionate defenders of the men’s cause feel that real justice for male survivors of violence is served. Even as audiences were invited to suspend their disbelief to watch how a woman has the agency to enact violence back at her perpetrator, MRAs blamed feminism for their collective suspension of consciousness on the issue of violence perpetrated against men. They felt hurt, moreover, that the film denies their agency to carry out domestic violence without any repercussions — sounding the alarm on their rights being robbed. Fortunately for them, domestic violence still remains a gendered issue in which women continue to have little agency in the real world — leaving more than adequate room for men’s rights.


Indian Currency Embarks on Soul Searching as It Finds Its Way, Finance Minister Requests Cooperation

This week, members of Parliament faced a moment of confusion as to whether they had somehow ended up in a coming-of-age film. The nation’s finance minister, while talking about the rupee, responded to questions about its rise-and-fall — or, more accurately, it’s fall-and-fall — by saying that it was simply “finding its natural course.” Many were surprised to learn about the rupee’s character arc — or the fact that it even had one. Currently, the rupee is set to pack its bags to embark on a Europe trip, followed by a journey to the Himalayas in search for itself and understand who it really is. While the currency continues on this soul-searching journey, the minister urged the nation to encourage it in its coming of age and thereby attested to there being nothing to worry about. Like a true coming-of-age hero, the rupee’s gaslighting is, itself, merely a part of the process of self-discovery — even if others suffer in its wake.


Woman Saves Internet From Starvation by Providing Yet Another Strangely Intimate Tidbit About Herself

Another day, another celebrity contributed their share to the digital abyss we’re all collectively screaming into. This time, it was the results of her bone density and body fat percentage scans: health data that many weren’t even aware existed. Having temporarily run out of content derived from her personal life, the scans came as an unexpected piece of information that the public isn’t yet sure what to do with. Some speculate whether this may signal a turning point in the health industry, where bone density and body fat become fashionable data points to flaunt before audiences who didn’t ask for them. Magazines are scrambling to collect this information from upcoming cover stars, who remain confused participants in a new age of self-sharing that threatens to consume us all.


Netizens Surprised as Corporation Cancels Film Belonging to Genre Meant to Be Lucrative

A corporate merger that oversees the production of media for the sake of profit has axed a superhero film for not being profitable enough. The world reacted to the news with shock and awe, calling the move unprecedented: indeed, profit-seeking studios have never before canceled projects they didn’t anticipate to make a profit. For a genre that arguably exists today predominantly to make money, it seemed incomprehensible to many that a film from the genre could just be cancelled for financial reasons.


Written By Rohitha Naraharisetty

Rohitha Naraharisetty is an Associate Editor at The Swaddle. She writes about the intersection of gender, social movements, and pop culture. She can be found on Instagram at @rohitha_97 or on Twitter at @romimacaronii.


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